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R/V Apalachee

Cruise Details

Vessel: R/V Apalachee
Chief Scientist: Sandra Brooke
Departure: on 2014-05-27 from FSUCML
Return: on 2014-05-30 from
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Event ID Site Site Coordinates **
(Lat +°N, Lon +°E)
Date Time Event Data Files?
AP-1407FS1pinnacles 1(29.2482, -88.3377)2014-05-2809:54:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS2pinnacles 2(29.2510, -88.3373)2014-05-2810:08:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS3pinnacles 3(29.2505, -88.3383)2014-05-2810:25:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS4pinnacles 4(29.2611, -88.3371)2014-05-2810:38:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS5pinnacles 5(29.2516, -88.3395)2014-05-2810:50:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS6pinnacles 6(29.2556, -88.3391)2014-05-2810:59:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS7pinnacles 7(29.2277, -88.3021)2014-05-2822:32:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS8pinnacles 8(29.2454, -88.3313)2014-05-2822:51:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS9pinnacles 9(29.2500, -88.3366)2014-05-2822:59:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS10pinnacles 10(29.3934, -87.9829)2014-05-2921:08:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS11pinnacles 11(29.3972, -87.9827)2014-05-2921:14:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS12pinnacles 12(29.4044, -87.9823)2014-05-2921:21:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS13pinnacles 13(29.4090, -87.9825)2014-05-2921:26:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS14pinnacles 14(29.4152, -87.9824)2014-05-2921:32:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS15pinnacles 15(29.4225, -87.9820)2014-05-2921:40:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS16pinnacles 16(29.3992, -87.9825)2014-05-3011:14:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS17pinnacles 17(29.4066, -87.9827)2014-05-3011:23:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS18pinnacles 18(29.4109, -87.9821)2014-05-3011:29:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS19pinnacles 19(29.4164, -87.9824)2014-05-3011:34:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS20pinnacles 20(29.424, -87.9819)2014-05-3011:40:00Longline Trap
AP-1407FS21pinnacles 21(29.4304, -87.9804)2014-05-3011:47:00Longline Trap


Note **Actual coordinates from data collection may differ. Please view the data files for exact location information.


Deep-C was a four-year, interdisciplinary study of deep sea to coast connectivity in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.Deep-C is no longer an active research project.  The information on this website is for historical reference purposes only. 

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