Our plan has been to provide other research with identical cores, from the same multicore deployment, so that we are working on the same samples and there is no problem with cross-correlation on the mm scales. The 8 cores from the mulicore are 1) sedimentology ( mineralogy, grain size, clays ), 2) benthic forams (assemblage, consentration, 13C, 14C), 3) short-lived radio-isotopes (234Th, 210Pb, 7Be, CS), 4) microbial ecology (microbial assemblage, etc, 5) redox metal and pore water chemistry, 6) organic geochemistry (molecular analyses, petroleum hydrocarbons, distribution of aquatic and terrestrial biomass, etc, also bulk and compound-specific 13C and 14C), 7) core for photography and description, (also 1/2 for core top samples and other 1/2 for scanning XRF), 8) archive frozen core.