The June 2013 shallow geomorphology cruise will be focused on 3 objectives related to geomorphology, habitat, and sedimentary processes: 1) Conduct a survey of a shelf break canyon that is a study site for circulation modeling (Wienders and Clark group). The accuracy of bathymetry for the area is a concern, and this is an important site to look at modern sedimentary processes operating within a shelf break canyon. 2) Survey along the margin, going westward, to assess benthic habitats. Paleoshorelines and/or upper slope habitats are of interest. 3) Conduct surveys of two slope canyon systems that head large sediment-gravity-flow channel systems entering the Desoto Canyon along its northern margin (area generally south of the Pinnacles trend). Questions concern slope stability, shallow stratigraphic framework, timing of slope failures and gravity flow events, and associated habitats.