The overall objective of the cruise will be sampling to document any residual hydrocarbons from the BP MC252 well eruption and provide time series hydrographic, water chemistry, sediment, and plankton data as a baseline and to document the physical and biological seasonal dynamics for the offshore shelf of the Florida Panhandle Bight at the head of DeSoto Canyon. The cruise objectives are to:1. Collect water column hydrographic data at stations on three shelf transects (Biological and Physical oceanography groups)2. Collect water for nutrient, bacteria production, phytoplankton production, chlorophyll analyses and DNA extractions (Snyder, Jeffrey)3. Collect sediments for hydrocarbon and chlorophyll analyses and DNA extractions (Snyder, Jeffrey)4. Collect water samples for phytoplankton taxonomic analysis (Nienow, Wise)5. Acquire acoustic signal from mooring in DeSoto Canyon (Speer)