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Deep-C Publications with Associated Data Sets

The research detailed in the following publications was made possible all or in part by a grant from BP/The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative to the Deep-C Consortium.

Aeppli, C.; Carmichael, C.A.; Nelson, R.K.; Lemkau, K.L.; Graham, W.M.; Redmond, M.C.; Valentine, D.L.; Reddy, C.M. (2012) Oil Weathering after the Deepwater Horizon Disaster Led to the Formation of Oxygenated Residues. Environmental Science & Technology, 46(16), 8799-8807. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Aeppli, C.; Nelson, R.K.; Carmichael, C.A.; Valentine, D.L.; Reddy, C.M. (2014) Biotic and abiotic oil degradation after the Deepwater Horizon disaster leads to formation of recalcitrant oxygenated hydrocarbons: New insights using GCxGC. International Oil Spill Conference Proceedings, 2014(1), 1087-1098. [view publication details]

Aeppli, C.; Reddy, C.M.; Nelson, R.K.; Kellermann, M.Y.; Valentine, D.L. (2013) Recurrent Oil Sheens at the_Deepwater Horizon_Disaster Site Fingerprinted with Synthetic Hydrocarbon Drilling Fluids. Environmental Science & Technology, 47(15), 8211-8219. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Aeppli, C; Nelson, RK; Radovic, JR; Carmichael, CA; Reddy, CM (2014) Recalcitrance and degradation of petroleum biomarkers in Deepwater Horizon Oil upon abiotic and biotic natural weathering. Environmental Science & Technology, 48, 6726-6734. [view publication details]

Androulidakis, Y.S.; Kourafalou, V.H. (2013) On the processes that influence the transport and fate of Mississippi waters under flooding outflow conditions. Ocean Dynamics, 63(2-3), 143-164. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Camilli, R.; Bowen, A.; Reddy, C.M.; Seewald, J.S.; Yoerger, D.R. (2012) When Scientific Research and Legal Practice Collide. Science, 337(6102), 1608-1609. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Canion, A.; Kostka, J.E.; Gihring, T.M.; Huettel, M.; van Beusekom, J.E.E.; Gao, H.; Lavik, G.; Kuypers, M.M.M. (2014) Corrigendum to "Temperature response of denitrification and anammox reveals the adaptation of microbial communities to in situ temperatures in permeable marine sediments that span 50° in latitude" published in Biogeosciences, 11, 309-320, 2014. Biogeosciences, 11(2), 461-462. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Canion, A.; Kostka, J.E.; Gihring, T.M.; Huettel, M.; van Beusekom, J.E.E.; Gao, H.; Lavik, G.; Kuypers, M.M.M. (2014) Temperature response of denitrification and anammox reveals the adaptation of microbial communities to in situ temperatures in permeable marine sediments that span 50° in latitude. Biogeosciences, 11(2), 309-320. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Chanton, J., Zhao, T., Rosenheim, B.E., Joye, S., Bosman, S., Brunner, C., Yeager, C.M., Diercks, A.R., Hollander, D. (2015) Using Natural Abundance Radiocarbon To Trace the Flux of Petrocarbon to the Seafloor Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Environmental Science & Technology, 49, 847-854. [view publication details]

Chanton, J; Bosman, S; Mickel, A; Joye, S; Brunner, C; Cherrier, J; Sarkodee-Adoo, J; Hollander, D (2012) Radiocarbon analysis of the Gulf oil spill. MagLab Reports, 19(2), 39. [view publication details]

Chanton, JP; Cherrier, J; Wilson, RM; Sarkodee-Adoo, J; Boseman, S; Mickle, A; Graham, WM (2012) Radiocarbon evidence supports the conclusion that carbon from the Deepwater Horizon Spill entered the planktonic food web of the Gulf of Mexico. Environmental Research Letters, 7(4), 045303. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Chatterjee, S.; Clingenpeel, A.; McKenna, A.; Rios, O.; Johs, A. (2014) Synthesis and characterization of lignin-based carbon materials with tunable microstructure. RSC Advances, 4(9), 4743-4753. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Cherrier, J.; Sarkodee-Adoo, J.; Guilderson, T.P.; Chanton, J.P. (2014) Fossil Carbon in Particulate Organic Matter in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon Event. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 1(1), 108-112. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Christensen, K.H.; Rohrs, J.; Ward, B.; Fer, I.; Brostrom, G.; Saetra, O.; Breivik, O. (2013) Surface wave measurements using a ship-mounted ultrasonic altimeter. Methods in Oceanography, 6, 1-15. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Coleman, F., Chanton, J., Chassignet, E.P. (2014) Ecological Connectivity in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico. International Oil Spill Conference Proceedings, 2014(1), 1972-1984. [view publication details]

Corilo, Y.E.; Podgorski, D.C.; McKenna, A.M.; Lemkau, K.L.; Reddy, C.M.; Marshall, A.G.; Rodgers, R.P. (2013) Oil Spill Source Identification by Principal Component Analysis of Electrospray Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectra. Analytical Chemistry, 85(19), 9064-9069. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Cruz, J.; Wise, S.; Young, J.R. (2014) First Observation of Navilithus altivelum in the Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Nannoplankton Research; International Nannoplankton Association, 34(Coccolithophores 2014, Workshop Volume), 27-30. [view publication details]

Dong, C; Petro, D; Pomerantz, A.E; Nelson, RK; Latifzai, AS; Nouvelle, X; Zuo, J; Reddy, CM; Mullins, OC (2014) New thermodynamic modeling of reservoir crude oil. Fuel, 117(A), 839-850. [view publication details]

Dukhovskoy, D.S., Leben, R.R., Chassignet, E.P., Hall, C.A., Morey, S.L., Nedbor-Gross, R. (2015) Characterization of the uncertainty of loop current metrics using a multidecadal numerical simulation and altimeter observations. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 100, 140-158. [view publication details]

Garcia-Pineda, O., MacDonald, I. R., Li, X., Jackson, C. R., & Pichel, W. G. (2013) Oil Spill Mapping and Measurement in the Gulf of Mexico With Textural Classifier Neural Network Algorithm (TCNNA). IEEE J. Sel. Top. Appl. Earth Observations Remote Sensing, 6(6), 2517–2525. [view publication details]

Garcia-Pineda, O.; MacDonald, I.; Hu, C.; Svejkovsky, J.; Hess, M.; Dukhovskoy, D.; Morey, S. (2013) Detection of Floating Oil Anomalies From the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill With Synthetic Aperture Radar. Oceanography, 26(2), 124-137. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Gros, J.; Reddy, C.M.; Aeppli, C.; Nelson, R.K.; Carmichael, C.A.; Arey, J.S. (2014) Resolving Biodegradation Patterns of Persistent Saturated Hydrocarbons in Weathered Oil Samples from the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. Environmental Science & Technology, 48(3), 1628-1637. [view publication details]

Gros, JJ; Nabi, D; Wurz, B; Wick, LY; Brussard, CPD; Huisman, J; van der Meer, JR; Reddy, CM; Arey, JS (2014) The first day of an oil spill on the open sea: Early hydrocarbon mass transfer fluxes to air and water. Environmental Science & Technology, 48, 9400-9411. [view publication details]

Hall, G.J.; Frysinger, G.S.; Aeppli, C.; Carmichael, C.A.; Gros, J.; Lemkau, K.L.; Nelson, R.K.; Reddy, C.M. (2013) Oxygenated weathering products of Deepwater Horizon oil come from surprising precursors. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 75(1-2), 140-149. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Halliwell Jr., G.R.; Srinivasan, A.; Kourafalou, V.; Yang, H.; Willey, D.; Le Hénaff, M.; Atlas, R. (2014) Rigorous Evaluation of a Fraternal Twin Ocean OSSE System for the Open Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 31(1), 105-130. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Headley, J.V.; Peru, K.M.; Mohamed, M.H.; Wilson, L.; McMartin, D.W.; Mapolelo, M.M.; Lobodin, V.V.; Rodgers, R.P.; Marshall, A.G. (2013) Electrospray Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Tunable Carbohydrate-Based Materials for Sorption of Oil Sands Naphthenic Acids. Energy & Fuels, 27(4), 1772-1778. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Headley, J.V.; Peru, K.M.; Mohamed, M.H.; Wilson, L.; McMartin, D.W.; Mapolelo, M.M.; Lobodin, V.V.; Rodgers, R.P.; Marshall, A.G. (2014) Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Tunable Carbohydrate-Based Materials for Sorption of Oil Sands Naphthenic Acids. Energy & Fuels, 28(3), 1611-1616. [view publication details]

Huang, Y.; Weisberg, R.H.; Zheng, L.; Zijlema, M. (2013) Gulf of Mexico hurricane wave simulations using SWAN: Bulk formula-based drag coefficient sensitivity for Hurricane Ike: Drag Coefficient for Hurricane Wave. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 118(8), 3916-3938. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Huettel, M.; Berg, P.; Kostka, J.E. (2013) Benthic Exchange and Biogeochemical Cycling in Permeable Sediments. Annual Review of Marine Science, 6(1), 130829112540002. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Ivichev, I; Hole, LR; Karlin, L; Wettre, C; Rohrs, J (2012) Comparison of Operational Oil Spill Trajectory Forecasts with Surface Drifter Trajectories in the Barents Sea. Journal of Geology & Geosciences, 1(1). [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Jaimes, B.; Shay. L.K.; Uhlhorn, E. (2015) Enthalpy and Momentum Fluxes during Hurricane Earl Relative to Underlying Ocean Features. Monthly Weather Review, 143, 111-131. [view publication details]

Joye, S.B.; Montoya, J.P.; Murawski, S.A.; Ozgokmen, T.M.; Wade, T.L.; Montouro, R.; Roberts, B.J.; Hollander, D.J.; Jeffrey, W.H.; Chanton, J.P. (2014) A Rapid Response Study of the Hercules Gas Well Blowout. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 95(38). [view publication details]

Joye, SB; Teske, AP; Kostka, JE (2014) Microbial dynamics following the Macondo oil well blowout across Gulf of Mexico environments. Bioscience, 64(9), 766. [view publication details]

Juyal, P.; McKenna, A.M.; Fan, T.; Cao, T.; Rueda-Velasquez, R.I.; Fitzsimmons, J.E.; Yen, A.; Rodgers, R.P.; Wang, J.; Buckley, J.S.; Gray, M.R.; Allenson, S.J.; Creek, J. (2013) Joint Industrial Case Study for Asphaltene Deposition. Energy & Fuels, 27(4), 1899-1908. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Kekalainen, T.; Pakarinen, J.M.H.; Wickstrom, K.; Lobodin, V.V.; McKenna, A.M.; Janis, J. (2013) Compositional Analysis of Oil Residues by Ultrahigh-Resolution Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry. Energy & Fuels, 27(4), 2002-2009. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

King, GM; Kostka, JE; Hazen, T; Sobecky, P (2014) Microbial Responses to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: From Coastal Wetlands to the Deep Sea. Annual Reviews of Marine Science, 7(15), 1-15. [view publication details]

Koolen, H.F., Swarthout, R.F., Nelson, R.K., Chen, H., Krajewski, L.C., Aeppli, C., McKenna, A.M., Rodgers, R.P., Reddy, C.M. (2015) Unprecedented insights into the chemical complexity of coal tar from comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography mass spectroscopy and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry. Energy and Fuels, 29(2), 641-648. [view publication details]

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Kourafalou, V.H.; Androulidakis, Y.S. (2013) Influence of Mississippi River induced circulation on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill transport. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 118(8), 3823-3842. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Le Henaff, M.; Kourafalou, V.H.; Paris, C.B.; Helgers, J.; Aman, Z.M.; Hogan, P.J.; Srinivasan, A. (2012) Surface Evolution of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Patch: Combined Effects of Circulation and Wind-Induced Drift. Environmental Science & Technology, 46(13), 7267-7273. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Lemkau, K.L.; McKenna, A.M.; Podgorski, D.C.; Rodgers, R.P.; Reddy, C.M. (2014) Molecular Evidence of Heavy-Oil Weathering Following the M/V Cosco Busan Spill: Insights from Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry. Environmental Science & Technology, 48(7), 3760-3767. [view publication details]

Lewis, A.T.; Tekavec, T.N.; Jarvis, J.M.; Juyal, P.; McKenna, A.M.; Yen, A.T.; Rodgers, R.P. (2013) Evaluation of the Extraction Method and Characterization of Water-Soluble Organics from Produced Water by Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry. Energy & Fuels, 27(4), 1846-1855. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Liu, Y; Weisberg, RH; Vignudelli, S; Mitchum, GT (2014) Evaluation of altimetry-derived surface current products using Lagrangian drifter trajectories in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 119, 2827-2842. [view publication details]

Lobodin, V.V.; Juyal, P.; McKenna, A.M.; Rodgers, R.P.; Marshall, A.G. (2013) Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide as a Reagent for Complex Mixture Analysis by Negative Ion Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry, 85(16), 7803-7808. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

MacDonald, I (2013) Tracking Recovery From Deepwater Horizon MILET System Aids Environmental Monitoring in Gulf of Mexico. Sea Technology, 54(5). [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Maksimova, EV; Clarke, AJ (2013) Multiyear Subinertial and Seasonal Eulerian Current Observations near the Florida Big Bend Coast. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 43(8), 1691-1709. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Marshall, A. G.; Blakney, G. T.; Chen, T.; Kaiser, N. K.; McKenna, A. M.; Rodgers, R. P.; Ruddy, B. M.; Xian, F. (2013) Mass Resolution and Mass Accuracy: How Much Is Enough?. Mass Spectrometry, 2(Special_Issue), S0009-S0009. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

McKenna, A.M.; Nelson, R.K.; Reddy, C.M.; Savory, J.J.; Kaiser, N.K.; Fitzsimmons, J.E.; Marshall, A.G.; Rodgers, R.P. (2013) Expansion of the Analytical Window for Oil Spill Characterization by Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry: Beyond Gas Chromatography. Environmental Science & Technology, 47(13), 7530-7539. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

McKenna, A.M.; Williams, J.T.; Putman, J.C.; Aeppli, C.; Reddy, C.M.; Valentine, D.L.; Lemkau, K.L.; Kellermann, M.Y.; Savory, J.J.; Kaiser, N.K.; Marshall, A.G.; Rodgers, R.P. (2014) Unprecedented Ultrahigh Resolution FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry and Parts-Per-Billion Mass Accuracy Enable Direct Characterization of Nickel and Vanadyl Porphyrins in Petroleum from Natural Seeps. Energy & Fuels, 28(4), 2454-2464. [view publication details]

McKenna, A.M.; Williams, J.T.; Putman, J.C.; Aeppli, C.M.; Reddy, C.M.; Valentine, D.L.; Lemkau, K.T.; Kellermann, M.Y.; Savory, J.T.; Kaiser, N.K.; Marshall, A.G.; Rodgers, R.P. (2014) Biodegradation at the Seafloor: Ultrahigh Resolution FT-ICR Mass Spectral Characterization of Natural Petroleum Seeps. International Oil Spill Conference Proceedings, 2014(1), 2083-2097. [view publication details]

Moura, T.; Jones, E.; Cotton, C.; Irvine, S.; Daley, R.; Clarke, M.; Lorance, P.; Jakobsdottir, K.; Lopez Abellan, L.; Crozier, P.; Diez, G.; Fossen, I.; Dyb, J.; Severino, R.; Pascual, P.; Figueiredo, I. (2014) Spatial segregation of three cosmopolitan deep-water sharks. Deep Sea Research, 157, 47-61. [view publication details]

Nedbor-Gross, R., Dukhovskoy, D.S., Bourassa, M.A., Morey, S.M., Chassignet, E.P. (2014) Investigation of the Relationship Between the Yucatan Channel Transport and the Loop Current Area in a Multidecadel Numerical Simulation. Marine Technology Society Journal, 48(4), 15-26. [view publication details]

Nelson, R.K., Carmichael, C.A., Reddy, C.M., Aeppli, C., Kellerman, M.Y., Valentine, D.L. (2013) GCxGC Forensic analysis of oil sheens at the Deepwater Horizon disaster site helps pinpoint the source of oil leakage. The Application Notebook, 31(9), 18-19. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Olascoaga, M.J.; Beron-Vera, F.J.; Haller, G.; Trinanes, J.; Iskandarani, M.; Coelho, E.F.; Haus, B.K.; Huntley, H.S.; Jacobs, G.; Kirwan Jr., A.D.; Lipphardt Jr., B.L.; Ozgokmen, T.M.; H. M. Reniers, A.J.; Valle-Levinson, A. (2013) Drifter motion in the Gulf of Mexico constrained by altimetric Lagrangian coherent structures. Geophysical Research Letters, 40(23), 6171-6175. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

Overholt, W.A.; Green, S.J.; Marks, K.P.; Venkatraman, R.; Prakash, O.; Kostka, J.E. (2013) Draft Genome Sequences for Oil-Degrading Bacterial Strains from Beach Sands Impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Genome Announcements, 1(6), e01015-13. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Pan, C; Zheng, L; Weisberg, RH; Liu, Y; Lembke, CE (2014) Comparisons of Different Ensemble Schemes for Glider Data Assimilation on West Florida Shelf. Ocean Modeling, 81, 13-24. [view publication details]

Paris, C.B.; Henaff, M.L.; Aman, Z.M.; Subramaniam, A.; Helgers, J.; Wang, D.-P.; Kourafalou, V.H.; Srinivasan, A. (2012) Evolution of the Macondo Well Blowout: Simulating the Effects of the Circulation and Synthetic Dispersants on the Subsea Oil Transport. Environmental Science & Technology, 46(24), 13293-13302. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Podgorski, D.C.; Corilo, Y.E.; Nyadong, L.; Lobodin, V.V.; Bythell, B.J.; Robbins, W.K.; McKenna, A.M.; Marshall, A.G.; Rodgers, R.P. (2013) Heavy Petroleum Composition. 5. Compositional and Structural Continuum of Petroleum Revealed. Energy & Fuels, 27(3), 1268-1276. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

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Ruddy, B.M.; Blakney, G.T.; Rodgers, R.P.; Hendrickson, C.L.; Marshall, A.G. (2013) Elemental Composition Validation from Stored Waveform Inverse Fourier Transform (SWIFT) Isolation FT-ICR MS Isotopic Fine Structure. Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 24(10), 1608-1611. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

Ruddy, BM; Huettel, M; Kostka, JE; Lobodin, VV; Bythell, BJ; McKenna, AM; Aeppli, C; Reddy, CM; Nelson, RK; Marshall, AG; Rodgers, RP (2014) Targeted Petroleomics: Analytical Investigation of Oxidation Products of Macondo Well Oil from Pensacola Beach. Energy & Fuels, 28(6), 4043-4050. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]

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Snyder, RA; Edrington-Hagy, M; Hileman, F; Moss, JA; Amick, L; Carruth, R; Head, M; Marks, J; Jeffrey, WH (2014) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon concentrations across the Florida Panhandle continental shelf and slope after the BP MC 252 well failure. Marine Pollution Bulletin, PUBLISHED ONLINE. [view publication details]

Snyder, RA; Vestal, A; Barnes, G; Pelot, R; Ederington-Hagy, M; Hileman, F (2014) PAH concentrations in Coquina (Donax spp.) on a sandy beach shoreline impacted by a marine oil spill. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 83(1), 87-91. [view publication details] [no Deep-C funded datasets exist]

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Zavala-Romero, O.; Ahmed, A.; Chassignet, E.P.; Zavala-Hidalgo, J.; Eguiarte, A.F.; Meyer-Base, A. (2014) An open source Java web application to build self-contained web GIS sites. Environmental Modelling & Software, 62(2014), 210-220. [view publication details]

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Zuijdgeest, A.; Huettel, M. (2012) Dispersants as Used in Response to the MC252-Spill Lead to Higher Mobility of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Oil-Contaminated Gulf of Mexico Sand. PLoS ONE, 7(11), e50549. [view publication details] [view/download datasets]


Deep-C was a four-year, interdisciplinary study of deep sea to coast connectivity in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.Deep-C is no longer an active research project.  The information on this website is for historical reference purposes only. 

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