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Podgorski, D.C.; Corilo, Y.E.; Nyadong, L.; Lobodin, V.V.; Bythell, B.J.; Robbins, W.K.; McKenna, A.M.; Marshall, A.G.; Rodgers, R.P. (2013) Heavy Petroleum Composition. 5. Compositional and Structural Continuum of Petroleum Revealed. Energy & Fuels, 27(3), 1268-1276.

Fig 1 Petroleum Continuum GAP after RPR & AGM.pdf
Fig 10 C5-Soluble vs.pdf
Fig 2 Ring-Separated C5-Soluble C7-DAO after RPR & AGM.pdf
Fig 3 2-Ring C5-Soluble C7-DAO Short & Long Irradiation Period after AGM.pdf
Fig 4 - Megaplot ring sep maltenes_quad iso_IRMPD 2-5 rings after RPR.pdf
Fig 5 3-Ring C5-Soluble C7-DAO SWIFT IRMPD after AGM.pdf
Fig 6 - Core analysis ring sep maltenes.pdf
Fig 7 Ring-Sep'd C5-Insoluble C7-DAO after RPR2 & AGM.pdf
Fig 8 - Megaplot ring sep asphaltenes_quad iso_IRMPD 2-5 ring after RPR.pdf
Fig 9 4-Ring C5-Insol Cy-DAO after RPR & AGM.pdf