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Marshall, A. G.; Blakney, G. T.; Chen, T.; Kaiser, N. K.; McKenna, A. M.; Rodgers, R. P.; Ruddy, B. M.; Xian, F. (2013) Mass Resolution and Mass Accuracy: How Much Is Enough?. Mass Spectrometry, 2(Special_Issue), S0009-S0009.

Fig 1 3D 7-Sec'n & Nikolaev Cells.pdf
Fig 2 Precision and SNR [Compatibility Mode].pdf
Fig 3 Resolving Power for 1 to 1 vs.pdf
Fig 4 Atomic Mass Defects [Compatibility Mode].pdf
Fig 5 Isotopic Fine Structure Russian Bitumen.pdf
Fig 6 Exptl M(w) vs.pdf