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Rosenheim, BE; Pendergraft, MA; Flowers, GC; Carney, R; Sericano, JL; Amer, RM; Chanton, J; Dincer, Z; Wade, TL Employing extant stable carbon isotope data in Gulf of Mexico sedimentary organic matter for oil spill studies 2014 Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
Ruddy, BM; Huettel, M; Kostka, JE; Lobodin, VV; Bythell, BJ; McKenna, AM; Aeppli, C; Reddy, CM; Nelson, RK; Marshall, AG; Rodgers, RP Targeted Petroleomics: Analytical Investigation of Oxidation Products of Macondo Well Oil from Pensacola Beach 2014 Energy & Fuels 28 4043-4050
Weisberg, RH; Zheng, L; Peebles, E Gag Grouper Larvae Pathways on the West Florida Shelf 2014 Continental Shelf Research 88 11-23
Aeppli, C; Nelson, RK; Radovic, JR; Carmichael, CA; Reddy, CM Recalcitrance and degradation of petroleum biomarkers in Deepwater Horizon Oil upon abiotic and biotic natural weathering 2014 Environmental Science & Technology 48 6726-6734
Gros, JJ; Nabi, D; Wurz, B; Wick, LY; Brussard, CPD; Huisman, J; van der Meer, JR; Reddy, CM; Arey, JS The first day of an oil spill on the open sea: Early hydrocarbon mass transfer fluxes to air and water 2014 Environmental Science & Technology 48 9400-9411
Veríssimo, A; Cotton, C; Burgess, G; Buch, R; Guallart, J A revision of the gulper sharks (genus Centrophorus) in North Atlantic waters 2014 Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society accepted
Liu, Y; Weisberg, RH; Vignudelli, S; Mitchum, GT Evaluation of altimetry-derived surface current products using Lagrangian drifter trajectories in the eastern Gulf of Mexico 2014 Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 119 2827-2842
Coleman, F., Chanton, J., Chassignet, E.P. Ecological Connectivity in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico 2014 International Oil Spill Conference Proceedings 2014 1972-1984
Nedbor-Gross, R., Dukhovskoy, D.S., Bourassa, M.A., Morey, S.M., Chassignet, E.P. Investigation of the Relationship Between the Yucatan Channel Transport and the Loop Current Area in a Multidecadel Numerical Simulation 2014 Marine Technology Society Journal 48 15-26
Aeppli, C.; Nelson, R.K.; Carmichael, C.A.; Valentine, D.L.; Reddy, C.M. Biotic and abiotic oil degradation after the Deepwater Horizon disaster leads to formation of recalcitrant oxygenated hydrocarbons: New insights using GCxGC 2014 International Oil Spill Conference Proceedings 2014 1087-1098
McKenna, A.M.; Williams, J.T.; Putman, J.C.; Aeppli, C.M.; Reddy, C.M.; Valentine, D.L.; Lemkau, K.T.; Kellermann, M.Y.; Savory, J.T.; Kaiser, N.K.; Marshall, A.G.; Rodgers, R.P. Biodegradation at the Seafloor: Ultrahigh Resolution FT-ICR Mass Spectral Characterization of Natural Petroleum Seeps 2014 International Oil Spill Conference Proceedings 2014 2083-2097
Snyder, RA; Edrington-Hagy, M; Hileman, F; Moss, JA; Amick, L; Carruth, R; Head, M; Marks, J; Jeffrey, WH Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon concentrations across the Florida Panhandle continental shelf and slope after the BP MC 252 well failure 2014 Marine Pollution Bulletin PUBLISHED ONLINE
Kostka, J.E.; Teske, A.; Joye, S.B.; Head, I.M. The metabolic pathways and environmental controls of hydrocarbon biodegradation in marine ecosystems 2014 Frontiers in Microbiology 5 Article 471
Joye, S.B.; Montoya, J.P.; Murawski, S.A.; Ozgokmen, T.M.; Wade, T.L.; Montouro, R.; Roberts, B.J.; Hollander, D.J.; Jeffrey, W.H.; Chanton, J.P. A Rapid Response Study of the Hercules Gas Well Blowout 2014 Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 95
Zavala-Romero, O.; Ahmed, A.; Chassignet, E.P.; Zavala-Hidalgo, J.; Eguiarte, A.F.; Meyer-Base, A. An open source Java web application to build self-contained web GIS sites 2014 Environmental Modelling & Software 62 210-220
Cotton, C.F., Grubbs, R.D., Musick, J.A. Reproduction and embryonic development in two species of North Atlantic squaliform sharks, Centrophorus cf. niaukang and Etmopterus princeps: evidence of matrotrophy? 2014 Deep Sea Research II accepted
Cruz, J.; Wise, S.; Young, J.R. First Observation of Navilithus altivelum in the Gulf of Mexico 2014 Journal of Nannoplankton Research; International Nannoplankton Association 34 27-30
Eiserbeck, C.; Nelson, R.K.; Reddy, C.M.; Grice, K. Advances in comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) 2014 Principles and Practice of Analytical Techniques in Geosciences
Jaimes, B.; Shay. L.K.; Uhlhorn, E. Enthalpy and Momentum Fluxes during Hurricane Earl Relative to Underlying Ocean Features 2015 Monthly Weather Review 143 111-131
Joye, S.; Montoya, J.; Murawski, S.; Özgökmen, T.; Wade, T.; Montuoro, R.; Roberts, B.; Hollander, D.; Jeffrey, W.; Chanton, J.. Fast Action: A Collaborative, Multi-Disciplinary Rapid Response Study of the Hercules Gas Well Blowout 2014 AGU EOS accepted
Putland, J.N.; Mortazavi, B.; Iverson, R.L.; Wise, S.W. Phytoplankton Biomass and Composition in a River-Dominated Estuary During Two Summers of Contrasting River Discharge 2014 Estuaries and Coasts 37 664-679
Silva, M.; Etnoyer, P.; Demopoulos, W.J., MacDonald, I.R. Coral Injuries Observed at Mesophotic Reefs after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Discharge 2014 Deep-Sea Research II Early Edition
Garcia-Pineda, O., MacDonald, I. R., Li, X., Jackson, C. R., & Pichel, W. G. Oil Spill Mapping and Measurement in the Gulf of Mexico With Textural Classifier Neural Network Algorithm (TCNNA) 2013 IEEE J. Sel. Top. Appl. Earth Observations Remote Sensing 6 25172525
Schiller, R.V.; Kourafalou, V.H. Loop Current Impact on the Transport of Mississippi River Waters 2014 Journal of Coastal Research 30 1287-1306
Chanton, J., Zhao, T., Rosenheim, B.E., Joye, S., Bosman, S., Brunner, C., Yeager, C.M., Diercks, A.R., Hollander, D. Using Natural Abundance Radiocarbon To Trace the Flux of Petrocarbon to the Seafloor Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill 2015 Environmental Science & Technology 49 847-854

A long-term, interdisciplinary study of deep sea to coast connectivity in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.

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