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Christensen, K.H.; Rohrs, J.; Ward, B.; Fer, I.; Brostrom, G.; Saetra, O.; Breivik, O. Surface wave measurements using a ship-mounted ultrasonic altimeter 2013 Methods in Oceanography 6 1-15
Garcia-Pineda, O., MacDonald, I. R., Li, X., Jackson, C. R., & Pichel, W. G. Oil Spill Mapping and Measurement in the Gulf of Mexico With Textural Classifier Neural Network Algorithm (TCNNA) 2013 IEEE J. Sel. Top. Appl. Earth Observations Remote Sensing 6 25172525
Kostka, J.E.; Teske, A.; Joye, S.B.; Head, I.M. The metabolic pathways and environmental controls of hydrocarbon biodegradation in marine ecosystems 2014 Frontiers in Microbiology 5 Article 471
Chatterjee, S.; Clingenpeel, A.; McKenna, A.; Rios, O.; Johs, A. Synthesis and characterization of lignin-based carbon materials with tunable microstructure 2014 RSC Advances 4 4743-4753
Stallings, C.D., Nelson, J.A., Rozar, K.L., Adams, C.S., Wall, K.R., Switzer, T.S., Winner, B.L., Hollander, D.J. Effects of preservation methods of muscle tissue from upper-trophic level reef fishes on stable isotope values (δ13C and δ15N) 2015 PeerJ 3
Marshall, A. G.; Blakney, G. T.; Chen, T.; Kaiser, N. K.; McKenna, A. M.; Rodgers, R. P.; Ruddy, B. M.; Xian, F. Mass Resolution and Mass Accuracy: How Much Is Enough? 2013 Mass Spectrometry 2 S0009-S0009
Ivichev, I; Hole, LR; Karlin, L; Wettre, C; Rohrs, J Comparison of Operational Oil Spill Trajectory Forecasts with Surface Drifter Trajectories in the Barents Sea 2012 Journal of Geology & Geosciences 1
Cherrier, J.; Sarkodee-Adoo, J.; Guilderson, T.P.; Chanton, J.P. Fossil Carbon in Particulate Organic Matter in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon Event 2014 Environmental Science & Technology Letters 1 108-112
Overholt, W.A.; Green, S.J.; Marks, K.P.; Venkatraman, R.; Prakash, O.; Kostka, J.E. Draft Genome Sequences for Oil-Degrading Bacterial Strains from Beach Sands Impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill 2013 Genome Announcements 1 e01015-13
Huettel, M Oxygen Dynamics around Buried Tar Balls in Florida Marine Sands: A laboratory flume study testing the VisiSens oxygen imaging system 2012 PreSense Precision Sensing
Schwing, PT; Flower, BP; Romero, IC; Brooks, GR; Larson, RA; Hollander, DJ; Hastings, DW Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Blowout on Deep Sea Benthic Foraminifera in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico 2013 Deep Sea Research in review
Romero, IC; Schwing, PT; Larson, RA; Brooks, GR; Hastings, DW; Hollander, DJ Petroleum hydrocarbons deposition in the deep-sea sediments of the Northern Gulf of Mexico following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Blowout Event: Compositions and Consequences 2013 Deep Sea Research in review
Brooks, G; Larson, R; Flower, B; Hollander, D; Schwing, PT; Romero, I; Moore, C; Reichart, GJ; Jilbert, T; Chanton, J; Hastings, D Sedimentation Pulse in the NE Gulf of Mexico Following the 2010 DWH Blowout 2015 Deep Sea Research in review
Ghani, M.H.; Hole, L.; Fer, I; Kourafalou, V.H.; Wienders, N; Kang, H.; Drushka, K.; Peddie, D. The SailBuoy remotely-controlled unmanned vessel: measurements of near surface temperature, salinity and oxygen concentration in the Northern Gulf of Mexico 2014 Methods in Oceanography accepted
Weisberg, R.; Zheng, L.; Liu, Y.; Murawski, S.; Hu, C.; Hollander, D.; Paul, J. Did Deepwater Horizon Hydrocarbons Transit to the West Florida Continental Shelf? 2014 Deep Sea Research in press
Hastings, D.; Schwing, P.; Brooks, G.; Larson, R.; Morford, J.; Roeder, T.; Quinn, K.; Romero, I.; Hollander, D. Changes in sediment redox conditions following the BP DWH Blowout event 2014 Deep Sea Research in press
Beaudoin, D.J.; Carmichael, C.A.; Nelson, R.K.; Reddy, C.M.; Teske, A.P.; Edgcomb, V.P. Impact of protists on a hydrocarbon-degrading bacterial community from deep-sea Gulf of Mexico sediments: A microcosm study 2014 Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
Churchill, D.A., Heithaus, M.R., Vaudo, J.J., Grubbs, R.D., Castro, J.I. Trophic interactions of common elasmobranchs in deep-sea communities of the Gulf of Mexico revealed through stable isotope and stomach contents analysis 2014 Deep Sea Research II accepted
Putland, JN; Mortazavi, B; Iverson, RL; Wise, SW Phytoplankton Biomass and Composition in a River-Dominated Estuary During Two Summers of Contrasting River Discharge 2013 Estuaries and Coasts 1-16
Magen, C.; Lapham, L.; Polman, J.; Marshall, K.; Bosman, S.; Chanton, J.P. A simple multiple phase equilibration method for determining methane in seawater 2014 Limnology and Oceanography Methods accepted
Zhu, J.; Weisberg, R.H.; Zheng,L.; Han, S. Influences of channel deepening and widening on the tidal and non-tidal circulation of Tampa Bay 2014 Estuaries and Coasts in press
Zhu, J.; Weisberg, R.H.; Zheng, L.; Han, S. On the flushing of Tampa Bay 2014 Estuaries and Coasts
Weisberg, R.H.; Zheng, L.; Liu, Y.; Lembke, C.; Lenes, J.M.; Walsh, J.J. Why no red tide was observed on the West Florida Continental Shelf in 2010 2014 Harmful Algae in press
Rosenheim, BE; Pendergraft, MA; Flowers, GC; Carney, R; Sericano, JL; Amer, RM; Chanton, J; Dincer, Z; Wade, TL Employing extant stable carbon isotope data in Gulf of Mexico sedimentary organic matter for oil spill studies 2014 Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
Veríssimo, A; Cotton, C; Burgess, G; Buch, R; Guallart, J A revision of the gulper sharks (genus Centrophorus) in North Atlantic waters 2014 Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society accepted

A long-term, interdisciplinary study of deep sea to coast connectivity in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.

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